New Poll Confirms Americans Want Cleaner Energy

A new poll from Gallup confirms a long standing trend: Americans want their energy to be cleaner.

As illustrated below, overwhelming majorities of Americans – regardless of partisan affiliation – believe we need to place more emphasis on solar and wind power.


These findings are deeply consistent with our own research (along with just about everyone else that looks at the energy sector.)

With over two thirds of Americans in strong support of cleaner, less carbon intense energy sources, our leaders – in Washington and in the private sector – need to do more to accelerate clean energy. Investing in domestic clean energy manufacturing is a great place to start. Strong federal clean energy legislation would be even better, but Congress has shown little willingness to tackle this issue in recent years.

States, cities and metro areas have shown great leadership in accelerating clean energy, but taking clean energy to scale will require a national effort on policy, financing, technology development and building out our domestic manufacturing ecosystem.

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