Foreclosure Prevention Maps and Data

Tailoring foreclosure strategies for prevention of foreclosure and a solid recovery requires data that is reliable on lending and foreclosure attorney and actual default activity. Foreclosures along with other community and neighborhood economic conditions conditions. The tools for mapping and foreclosure data-sets which are provided here can assist policymakers in making informed community and choices regarding targeting the type of home resources that provide actionable housing results.

Home Mortgage Banks & Foreclosure

Serious foreclosure and delinquency rates and indicator data along with rankings for delinquent home mortgages (such as those which are 90 days past due or are in actual home foreclosure status). Default inventories in the metropolitan subsets include specific guidance and data which are area specific.

Risks of Foreclosure
When considering which ZIPS are hit hardest by real estate downturns, metro and state specific. Such risks for foreclosure are based upon the lending in the sub-prime category, home mortgage payment delinquencies, and foreclosure proceedings, and home vacancies. View maps guidance and data.

High-Cost Lending and the Impact on Communities
Data which is of a historical nature for families which are prone and at risk of having high-cost lending are broken down by census tract, city, state, and county level.

Neighborhood Condition Data

Market indicators such as assessment of community strength as well as risk of foreclosure.

Identify the census tracts in local and metropolitan real estates in combined risk of default and real estate market strength.

Data for such indexes match geological areas for strategies which are suitable.

Real Estate Markets

Conditions for housing strength through actionable data regarding foreclosure volume, median home value from the lending terms. Real estate data are something that is available by county, state, city, as well as census level.

Consider options which involve the legal solutions to prevent foreclosure. Some of the options which are best suited include hiring an attorney versed in the local market. Law offices can be powerful protection for your home. But legal solutions are not always necessary. Consider first keeping a wide open communication line with the lender. Additionally, if a homeowner has the ability to throw money at the mortgage arrearages in order to catch up the loan and get it out of default, this could very well be the best option as it incurs the least amount of legal costs and downside. However, it is important to speak with a real estate attorney in order to determine whether there are other benefits which a bankruptcy could provide as a foreclosure auction prevention tool.

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