Infrastructure and the Fiscal Cliff

At the Next Economy Partnership Project, we believe investing in infrastructure is critical for the economic recovery. We define ‘infrastructure’ broadly, incorporating everything from traditional shovel ready projects like bridges or transit to innovation infrastructure like broadband and clean energy.

Moreover, our opinion research shows that Americans want major investments in infrastructure to help reinvigorate local economies.

As part of the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations, the Obama Administration recently proposed a $50 billion investment in infrastructure to keep the recovery moving forward.

Recent studies indicate that every dollar spent on infrastructure increases a state’s GSP (like GDP but for a state) by at least TWO dollars.

The states and metropolitan areas that are driving our economic recovery are begging for investment in infrastructure.

Naturally, Congressional Republicans are opposed to infrastructure investment, actually laughing at the President’s proposal.

Rebuilding local economies by rebuilding infrastructure is no laughing matter.

The Obama Administration’s infrastructure plan deserves serious consideration to keep our recovery’s inertia moving in the right direction.

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