Local Innovation vs Fiscal Cliff

Washington is consumed with talks about the fiscal cliff and the various ways it can impact our economy in the near and long term.

As noted by Time’s Michael Grunwald:

Obama and congressional leaders manufactured the cliff to try to force themselves to reach a grand bargain that would enact trillions of dollars worth of deficit reduction. But the final bargain can be as grand or as modest as they want it to be. We’ve got a long-term deficit problem, but it’s not a short-term deficit crisis. We’re not Greece. And just as Washington created the cliff, Washington can make it go away.

While Washington is playing a game of chicken with our economy, cities and metropolitan areas are trying innovative new ways to modernize for job growth.

As noted by our friends at the Brooking Institution’s Metropolitan Project, cities facilitate trade and growth. Although this is clearly important for their local economies, growth in metro areas can drive national and global economies.

At the Next Economy Partnership Project, we understand and appreciate DC’s role in kickstarting the economy. But in doing so, we also need to recognize the importance of local innovation in building the next economy. Our own Acceleration Agenda gives a blueprint for how Washington can help, well, accelerate an economy based on local innovation, impact and inclusion.

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