Growth, job creation and shared prosperity lies in creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and new businesses to find financing, lifting up new clean economy markets, and building new networks to connect innovators, suppliers and customers across traditional geographies.

21st Century Border Initiative

In April of 2010 the governments of Mexico and the United States issued a Declaration of the 21st Century Border. This declaration stated an understanding that: ‘’a joint and collaborative administration of their common border is critical to transforming management of the border to enhance security and efficiency.’’ The 21st Century Border Initiative has been designed to support, promote and develop this important vision for how our two countries manage our common border region. We have done this by facilitating events, papers, essays and creating a network of like minded individuals both inside and outside the beltway.

Immigration Reform & The Census

As part of our work to help better explain and understand the changing demography of America, and its impact on broader civil society, we have written a great deal this year about Immigration Reform and the Census.

Global Mobile

Global Mobile is a new program that seeks to better understand how the global information and communications network is changing societies and improving lives around the world.

Report: Job Creation, Innovation and Economic Development in the 21st Century

Adelante ’08′s mission was to educate citizens, particularly first-time voters, and mobilize them to vote in the historic 2008 elections.

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Tom Kalil, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy discusses the power of mHealth at a Vodafone Foundation / UN Foundation / New Policy Institute reception unveiling a new report, "mHealth for Development.

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